Long Time Coming

Bewildered is to be amused, baffled, surprised, captivated, perplexed, befuddled or enchanted
This is me, a little confused but always captivated by glimpses of beauty. Enchanted by fireflies, vintage lamps, and African dirt, amused by getting caught in the rain and the tickle of grass between my toes in a life perfected by a creative Author. I get all wrong and occasionally right but I find it’s in the bewilderment that I learn the difference…

So I have wanted to start this blog for forever. I want this to be a place to share little snippits of what our awesome God speaks to my heart. I am not overly wise or wonderfully articulate but I love to share the little sparks of knowledge that the sweet Lord whispers. I hope that through my ponderings and wonderment of this complex life you may find snapshots of yourself and glimpses of our loving God. So welcome to my blog I hope you find it a cool splash of water in this steamy summer.