Have you ever been beckoned by a backroad? You know the ones, the ones lined with trees on both side, trees that are arched at just the right angle as to make a clear path yet still leave mystery to what lies beyond. The calling to go down the winding road always happens at the oddest time. Like today for example, I was on my way back home and at a pit stop for gas. (a gas station that has frog leg fridays!) My car had been moving for 8 hours already and my back ached and the sky threatened rain. While making my right turn out of the station, I looked away from the interstate and I saw it. That road, the one I know all to well. The path that looks so familiar yet new. The pavement that longingly waits to be used even though the cracks and tarnished paint let you know it has been used far too much. The road that you know holds so many treasures yet is blocked by uncertainty and risk. Yeah I saw that road today and it begged me to come and see what was on the other side of the trees.

Alas I thought of my back and the large amount of money I had already spent on gas. I thought of the risk of wrecking on an uncharted path and possibility of getting lost. I thought of my comfortable bed and my sleepy roomate in the passenger seat. I pondered every reason not to drive that rustic, enchanted and enticing backroad as I looked both ways before pulling out of the gas station.

And then I heard the words of my sweet and wise friend Katie… “Here is the great thing… When the Lord calls me to go circumstance does not define whether or not I can” The excuses fade to the challenge and the fear subsides to the mighty power of the Provider, the lamp to the path. So I looked once more down that pleading winding road from my rear view mirror as I merged on the interstate.

(I wish I had taken the road…always take the alluring road)


Love ’em Fiercely but Hold ’em Loosely…

What do people mean when they say they want to live to 120? From my observations old age doesn’t look that appealing. Maybe what we are really trying to say is we want to LIVE life. We want to have the time to travel a bit, love a lot, be loved even more, pass on some genes, climb a tall mountain, ride a raging river,  calm a troubled child and most of all leave a legacy. But then if we are counting on 43,800 days of life we may never get started before it is too late.

Africans live life. In the middle of disease, dirt and death I see real living. Yes they strive and still have little, but they love and they embrace community with all that is in their being. To my Malian family all things find significance in human interaction. They have taught me what living looks like… it’s giving from your nothingness, it’s bringing out the drums and dancing when your friend arrives,  it’s holding hands on a hot day, and it is investing when you know you have to say goodbye. Oh how they love… they love so feircely but they hold you so loosely because they experience the reality of this world. So now I say love people so fiercely it hurts and hold them gentle enough so not to restrict their wings.

So here is to living life…even if just for another day. Here is to waking up passionate for the Lord and oozing His love out of all our broken places.