Surviving the Bush Commando

Remember the days of summer as a child. The time when you only needed one outfit because you were just going to keep getting it dirty. The time when all you had time for was playing outside with your friends. Do we even remember the time when a box could entertain us for hours and we thought a new toothbrush was a great gift? Simplicity; a concept the Lord brought me back to half way around the world.

With packing complete and goodbyes waved, I boarded the plane for the simple life. After 36 hours of traveling, I breathed in the beautifully pungent smell of Africa, a smell I have come to love. Our team sat and watched the luggage belt go round and round for nearly an hour until we concluded that 11 of our bags were still sitting in Paris. We listed all the things in the bags that we really needed (like  solar panels and underwear!) and we prayed for the Lord to provide.

However, tangled up in the American life, we had no understanding of what Jehovah Jireh, my provider, really meant. A day later I headed to a small village with only the things I had carried on. The Lord had provided. Down to the last packet of oatmeal, the Lord had divinely orchestrated our every need.

Surviving the bush commando comes down to one basic word: simplicity. The Lord is crying out live simply, simply speak, rest in the simplicity of your call amidst the complexity of your world. I thought that in my 50 pairs of shoes and cabinets full of kitchen supplies, I had acquired my basic needs, but away from the media floods and the consumerism there is a place of peace, of satisfaction; a place where I finally understood the Lord’s provision. For when I had little I could call mine, Jehovah Jireh shown clear! As I sit in the Finland airport on my way to India with only the things on my back I have no fear and no desire for the things I a do not have; I go with an eternal promise what more could I need?