Chasing Goats

Well I’m back! 8 months, 13 countries, and 4 continents later I am still alive. Countless days of trials, loneliness, wild encounters and beautiful people have led me back here…right here to southwest Missouri. While I find myself in the same town, surrounded by similar people I realize it is not the same…I am not the same! The Lord has changed me and guided me to a place in full time ministry. This blog will now be a place where to share all the adventure, struggle and lessons ministry and life brings.

Lesson/Adventure 1

Day 1 I showed up to my phenomenal job at School to the NationsĀ  expecting an exciting day where I began my job and dug into some good cross cultural ministry. As I rounded the corner I saw three goats from our training village staked up. My “exuberant driving” frightened the goats and sent them tearing across the field. Day 1 in ministry…first task…catch the goats. My lovely coworker Tessa and I chased the silly animals all around the camp and finally tied them back up. I learned my first essential lesson in ministry…do what needs to be done. My first day and every day since then has had the joy of expected assignments. Whether chasing goats or designing a challenging lesson on tribal living my job never ceases to surprise and exceed my plans. I LOVE MY JOB and I cannot wait to share more with you.But tonight it is late and for now I will leave you with the joyous image of two young women on a new adventure, in a new career chasing scrawny balking goats through a 29 acre camp!